Centcom Briefings Sonnets

#1 (in progress) - entered Iraq to remove the regime.
There is much pain there. Across the vastnesses
the coalition remains robust, with 49 countries
between us, small birds carry messages. The sky,
supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. We continue
wanting, above all, to be blue, to remember those who
have attacked regime targets over the last 48 hours
in Baghdad and several cities throughout the country,
as everlasting fire pours through space. Men dying in
precision attacks against surface-to-surface missiles
as Republican Guard forces return, to feed them, bear
their children, This is a strike against an Iraqi television
service building in Karbala, and it was attacked two nights ago.
This is a Ba'ath Party headquarters building in al-Hillah.
This is a military headquarters building in western Iraq.
A little too much beauty is so hard to bear--a fuel truck
in a revetement near al Kut, an ammo truck near An Najaf,
targets of opportunity, as this next video shows.

The first and final image is of an ammo dump near Baghdad,
which illustrates our approach to reviving the Iraqi economy
by planting trees all around, using the combined waters
of Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Babylon to flourish them.
Where centuries twist toward the light, and special operations
forces have also been effective interdicting movements into
or out of Iraq, single-purpose vehicles wheel along at a nice clip.
There is no future for the regime or anyone who supports it.
We've made that statement clearly a number of times, and we'll
continue to say it. We'd be happy to guarantee that they have no
future. Will they fight to the death? Probably. We're seeing that
in a number of places. Alarms have passed. The sun travels on.
Those who are indeed in the open have everything to lose
and will lose it. It's better to err on the safe side and destroy them
than to do otherwise. We want to ensure that no capability can
come up, especially from western airfields. They were in the open
and they were attacked, and the trees often vary in both color
and substance. Flame more or less comes and goes.

Ground truthing by Centcom has now suggested that both
the Tigris River and Euphrates River basins can be rendered
suitable Chinook salmon spawning habitats once sediment
sizes larger than fines can no longer adversely affect sac fry
emergence. Still, we continue to see brutal acts by the regime
and the forces loyal to it. One example comes from an outpost
in front of 1st Marine Expeditionary Force a day ago. And the
story goes like this. During the daylight hours, two vehicles
approaching a psychological checkpoint were taken under fire
when they failed to stop. At the same time, our maritime guys
continuing their work of keeping open the waterways found
some mines in the shallow waters of Khor Abdullah as they
continued expanding the channel way. Those mines have been
destroyed, making the salmon stocking project a definite go.
The maritime component continues to search any vessels
remaining to ensure that there are no threats. Dangerous work,
but important work, and it's necessary to ensure that anything
that's in the ports is safe. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, thank you.
Halvard Johnson. Bio