Tim Page

Tim Page is 63 now and lives in Brisbane, Australia where he's an Adjunct Professor of Photojournalism at Griffith University, but during the Vietnam War he became famous for his war photography. Born in Britain, he left at 18 in 1962 to drive across Europe, Pakistan, India, Burma, Thailand and Laos. In Laos he began work as a press photographer and landed on the Saigon bureau of UPI. During the war in Vietnam and Cambodia, he was wounded in action three times. At 25 he was badly wounded by a page big piece of shrapnel to his head and spent a year recovering in the U.S. There he got involved in the peace movement and was a caregiver for amputees including Ron Kovic. In the '70's he worked for Rolling Stone, and during that time he learned of the capture of his best friend, Sean Flynn (son of actor Errol Flynn) who was also a war photographer (click here.) He searched for Flynn until 1990 when his apparent grave was found in Cambodia. All of this led him to found the Indochina Media Memorial Foundation and the book Requiem with photographs taken by all the photographers and journalists killed during those wars. He doesn't cover wars anymore, but sadly others do. Some things never change. For more about him click here.